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    Long Feature - 2009 (Actor/Co-Producer)

    One of the first films of the Egyptian Independent film wave, about several skew characters in the neighborhood of Heliopolis, through one day in stagnant capital: Cairo.
    Written & Directed by Ahmad Abdalla

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    Long Feature - 2010 (Actor/Co-Producer)

    An iconic Multi-Award-Winning Egyptian independent film about the underground art scene in the city of Alexandria, Egypt.
    Directed by Ahmad Abdalla

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    Villa 69

    Long Feature - 2013 (Actor/Co-Producer)

    Multi-Award-Winning film about Hussein, A grumpy older architect's journey discovering what makes life worth living while facing terminal illness
    Directed by Ayten Amin

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    Eyes Of A Thief

    Long Feature - 2015 (Actor)

    Multi-Award-Winning film inspired by true story about a Palestinian father searching for his daughter under brutal occupation conditions in Palestine.
    Directed by Najwa Najjar

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    Long Feature - 2014 (Actor)

    A black and white psychological drama about a film production designer torn between two realms. The film makes an unnerving twist exchanging her choices of two partners, questioning what is reality, and what is fantasy inside the set she designed.
    Directed by Ahmad Abdalla


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